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Edible Gold  & Edible  Silver


Edible Gold: 24K Gold 

Packing: 1) Booklet +Box packing: 8x8cm, 25pcs/Booklet

             2) Jar +Box packing: 300mg/Jar, 15Jars/box

             3) Kraft bag+Box packing: 3g/bag, 10bags/box

Edible Silver: Pure Silver 

Packing: 1) Booklet + Box packing: 9.5cmx9.5cm, 25pcs/Booklet

             2) Jar +Box packing: 500mg/Jar, 15Jars/Box

             3) Karft bag +Box packing: 15g/bag, 6bags/Box

Certificate & Analysis Report

Tips: Some customers pay a high price to buy edible gold leaf.Unfortunately, what they buy is not food grade.Even worst, some customers receive imitation gold leaf from unscrupulous businessmen. So how to distingusih between real gold leaf and fake gold leaf? There is a simple way that you can use a lighter to burn it. If it burns to ashes, it must be fake gold leaf. If it curls up after burning and remains golden, it's real gold leaf!


Edible Gold gold is real gold intended to be used as a garnish and can be added to desserts, cakes, chocolate,beverages, savory foods and culinary presentations. You can use edible gold leaf to gild just about any dish for which you would like to add a touch of sophistication and give your creations the wow facor. Our edible products are certified by laboratories and correspond to alimentary colorants for the decoration of food and drinks.
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