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Imitation Gold Leaf

Also called "Brass leaf", "Composition leaf", "Metal leaf"

Looks and feels like genuine gold leaf

For main use on furniture,photo frame etc.

Sealed with varnish to keep tarnishing.

Thickness & weight:

  1,000g per 10,000leaves 0.4 microns

  1,200g per 10,000leaves 0.5 microns

  1,300g per 10,000leaves 0.55 micros

Standard Size:

  14cm x 14cm

  15cm x 15cm

  16cm x 16cm

Packing Forms

  With inter paper packing:

  1) with tissue paper between leaves,

  2) each 1,000 leaves in one transparent polybag; 

  3) each 10,000 leaves put in one polystyrene box and then put into a export carton

Without inter paper packing:

  1) without tissue paper between leaves. 

  2) each 100 leaves separated from neighbouring 100 leaves by one small tissue paper

  3) each 500 leaves wrapped in one big tissue paper; 

  4) each 10,000 leaves packed in one silvery polybag and then put into a white box. 

  5) each 100,000 leaves put into a export carton  

Booklet packing

  1) with tissue paper between leaves (tissue paper forming a booklet);

  2) each 25 leaves packed in one booklet; 

  3) each 20 booklets (500 leaves) form a pack;

  4) each 20 packs (10,000 leaves) packed in one polystyrene box and then in one export carton


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